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Aesthetics or Eye Safety?

Sure, kids with sunglasses are adorable, but do they really need them? To put it simply: yes. Everyone should protect their eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, and this is especially important for babies, as their eyes are much more sensitive, as is the skin around their eyes. Children’s sunglasses protect the eyes of little […]

Attributes A Massage Therapist Should Have

Massage therapists play an important role in their clients’ lives. They set up an active, sociable, and peaceful environment for their clients to enjoy. Among the many great qualities, a massage therapist should have, kindness, communicative, and cautious are some of them. As a massage therapist, it is most likely that you will have to […]

4 Month Sleep Regression: You Are Not Alone

Has your cute little bundle of joy who used to sleep like a hibernating bear started refusing to stay asleep and turned into a cranky mess of a baby? Well, don’t worry, you are not alone! Almost every parent knows about the dreaded 4 month sleep regression¬†and ones who did not soon learn. Some might […]

Head Lice Causes and Sinks

Head lice are actually tiny insects, barely discernable to the eye. They live only on the human scalp, where they feed approximately 4 times a day on human blood. They do not cause any disease other then, in extreme cases, some itching, perhaps some infection and (of course) the social negatives of their appearance.

Milk Teeth And Caries

Many parents consider treatment of the milk teeth useless. The argument is simple: “All of them will drop out all the way”. Dentists assert that such conclusion is deeply erroneous! Keeping of the milk teeth in a good condition is the backgroundof having healthy second teeth. In the picture you see how the infection from […]