Attributes A Massage Therapist Should Have

Massage therapists play an important role in their clients’ lives. They set up an active, sociable, and peaceful environment for their clients to enjoy. Among the many great qualities, a massage therapist should have, kindness, communicative, and cautious are some of them. As a massage therapist, it is most likely that you will have to interact with people from diverse backgrounds. Knowing how to communicate clearly with them about their needs is crucial. Therefore, a therapist should be compassionate and friendly for him or her to be successful in this industry.

Below are some of the qualities that a great massage therapist in UK and any other place should have:


A good massage therapist should be empathic to the customers’ ailments and insecurities. He or she should be sensitive to the client’s preferences like when applying pressure or the room temperature during the therapy session and honor them. The therapist should put him or herself in the client’s shoes and try to picture their needs. The empathy between therapists and clients can lead to better communication and understanding of needs.


Maintaining professionalism is important in all fields. A good therapist ensures that a professional environment is maintained between him or her and the clients. The therapist should communicate with the clients in a reasonable time frame and arrive at appointments on time. Also, the therapist should ensure the comfort of the clients and avoid doing things that may make them uncomfortable.

Interpersonal Skills

Good interpersonal skills help a massage therapist to make clients feel comfortable. A good massage therapist will engage the client in small talk before the beginning and after the end of a session. During the small talk before the start of the session, the therapist will communicate to the client what he or she should expect during the session. After the session, the therapist should ask for feedback to know if the session was enjoyable and what more the client would like during the next session.

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