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Collectible Toys

Collectible toys are wonderful for present giving and personal collection. Finding distinctive and rare toys are hard because there are thousands of toys to choose from. Toys are objects for our imagination, the physical things we manipulate in the reality as our minds race with creative adventures. Collectible toys don’t have to be expensive and […]

Brain and Visual Development in Babies

A newborn baby takes approximately four months to gain the ability to properly focus their eyes.  Yet presenting visual stimulation to children from birth helps more than just eyesight – it initiates early brain development that will benefit them throughout their lifetimes.

Tutitu TV – the best website for the kids’ videos

Videos are the best option to keep any kids busy in it and retain them from doing any harm to the other portions of the house by their frolicsome activity.  But the fact is that, the videos have to be high definition, with fantastic and engaging animations and the other factors that are suitable for […]

Please vote for the talented Maria Parrish in the Lilla Rogers illustration competition, really love her work!

A different kind of entertainment for your child

There’s something flat and very one-dimensional about entertainment in electronic form be it television or a video game

Seattle rapper SIC ILL makes music video in baby section of Walmart.

Now this is something different. When it comes to todays rap music videos many hip-hop musicians go for luxury cars and video models to show their audience. This unrealistic example of living has strayed far from it’s humble roots which had Run DMC and N.W.A. fighting against drugs and violence in the late 80s and […]

How Kids Can Become Famous (And Pay For College)

You may or may have not known it, but acting is a great way for kid’s to start saving their money towards college and if the money is invested properly their entire college education can be paid off, but at the very minimum they will at least be able to earn enough to pay for […]