Rupert the Rocking Horse

It has been a chaotic couple of weeks, firstly with the total redecoration of our playroom due to imminent arrival of quite possibly the best first birthday present ever… a Stevenson Brothers Rocking Horse, a stunning antiqued oak rocking horse we have named Rupert.

I am so pleased we found this company online where you can designed your very own rocking horse that I really hope is going to be staying in our family for many years to come. It has also been made by hand, at the Stevenson Brothers rocking horse makers workshop who are based in Kent, United Kingdom.

I am so pleased with our final result and feel we have created an amazing bespoke horse which will fit perfectly in our home to celebrate our daughters first birthday.

Once again I have to say the website was ever so simple to use and you don’t end up thinking ‘oh my goodness, I need to speak to someone’ as it is totally straight forward and you have a fantastic range of options to choose from initially with three different sizes.

You then move onto a choice of 10 different finishes from dapple grey to walnut. We have chosen Antiqued Oak, and anyone that visits will see how the play room is decorated to emphasize ‘Rupert’s’ workmanship and beauty.

Following this you have four choices of saddle leather (we chose Havana), along with a variety of blanket colours to choose from and accompanying trims.antiqued_oak_rocking_horse

There are also little finishing touches that include embroidery on the blanket and a commemorative plaque where we have put a personal message to celebrate our daughters special day and to be read and cherished by all our family in years to come.

Even the waiting time was reasonable with it only being six weeks from order to collection. We actually collected it ourselves from their workshop and were given a tour at the same time. We could not believe the workmanship and skill that goes into making these pieces.

As the years go on I really do hope Rupert the rocking horse will be a big part of our family and I am certain that our daughter is going to be thrilled when it comes to unwrapping him and enjoying that first ride…unless I get there first! Design one yourself online:

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