Ancient baby showers vs. today

The origins of a baby shower are hard to determine. There are no records that show when the baby shower originated. There are many theories on the baby shower, although these baby shower theories have yet to be proven. Today, we use baby showers to celebrate a new life with the mom or dad-to-be. A new life will bring love, possibilities and challenges, and a baby shower is the very special event that we use to show support to a new parent.

It is rumored that some Egyptian and Roman historians, found evidence of something close to a baby shower celebration. These discoveries caused experts to consider the celebration of birth as interpreted by these ancient cultures. Some of these findings showed that the baby gifts given at these ancient baby showers were handmade. The articles given to the new parents were clothing, blankets, and food. These baby showers took place after the baby’s birth, so the baby shower was more like a “viewing” of the new baby.

As we move forward in baby shower findings of the past, we will find that the way that we celebrate baby showers today, began after World War II. Friends and loved ones gathered together, in a party setting, to celebrate the pregnancy of an expectant mom. In these baby showers, it was customary that it be a party for only women. Today, however, male family members have taken more of an involvement as the guest of honor or even as a support to his partner.

With today’s technology, we can learn the gender of the new baby. So a baby shower is a preparation of the new baby’s arrival and the gifts are as relevant as they were at the ancient baby shower “viewing” parties. The baby gifts are still very much like the gifts given at the ancient baby showers. Although blankets and baby gifts are bought at stores more often than made by hand. And with the convenience of disposable baby diapers, diapers have been a staple item as a gift at baby showers today. The newest trends for baby showers are diaper cakes and baby gift baskets.

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