Checklist for Choosing Quality Child Care

You want nothing but the best for your kids. This is especially true when choosing a child care provider. You do want to take care of your child yourself, but you are a busy parent and must work to provide a quality standard of living.

There are a lot of child care services to choose from, but you have to be very careful in picking one. It’s a rather overwhelming task, so to help you make the right choice, here’s a comprehensive list of all the important considerations you need to look in to.

  • Arrangement – Are you looking for a part-time or a full-time child care provider? Take into account the number of hours your family will be working in a day. If you work long hours and is very often occupied with your job, find a child care service that will look after your child whenever necessary, including weekends.
    If you only work a few hours a day and has a flexible schedule, a part-time caregiver should be fine.
  • Budget – What can you afford? Because there are many child care providers out there, it may be easy to find one that suits your budget without compromising the quality of care services you require.
    Child care in Connecticut, for instance; the lowest cost for a week is $126.00, and the highest is $463.85.00 for infant/toddler full-time child care. Cost for other service types varies.
    A nanny or an au pair is more expensive of course.
  • Age – Your child’s age is a very important factor. You must place him/her with kids his/her own age so interaction becomes beneficial.
    Many day care centers accept children six to eight weeks of age so if you have to get back to your job as soon as possible, know that there are child care providers who can take care of your child.
  • Special needs – If your child have special needs or conditions, it may be best to provide a more intimate child care for him/her, such as an in-home care.
    However, if your child is comfortable amongst larger classes, you might want to look for a child care centers that specialize in such cases. There are parents who prefer their children be placed in playgroups where they are encouraged to thrive, grow and socialize.
  • Location – Decide whether your child care provider must be close to your office or to your house. In case of an emergency, and you need to go over immediately, you can rush to your child’s aid as quickly as possible.
    The location of your care center should depend on where you spend most of your time.

Following this checklist will help you find the best child care provider. But that doesn’t stop there. The North Carolina Department of Health & Human Services has a very informative page on child care services covering important requirements every child care provider must comply. That includes child/staff ratios, sanitation and discipline practices, and training development. It’s a must check-out page for parents like you who are on the hunt for the best child care services.

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