How To Choose Nanny Agencies

There are quite a number of nanny agencies offering related services, a factor that is making it critical to take time in choosing the best. There are however a few interview questions which should be directed to some of these agencies before retaining or even hiring them. The first thing which you should strive to find out from the many nanny agencies at your disposal is the length of time they have been in business. Being new in the market is not necessarily a basis on which to disqualify an agency citing poor service quality, though experience is generally a predictor of success.

Bearing in mind that there are nanny agencies which double up as temp agencies as well, it is therefore important to ensure you get to know the number of nannies matched with families in a month. There are those known to match less than three employees per month. These are not the economically viable types. Besides matching their employees, there is also the issue of the company’s success rate with placements. Even when you are interviewing international nanny agencies, it is vital that you find out the reason as to why they think they are successful. Note that issues of “never had any unsuccessful placements” are never true.

The cost of services being offered is as well subject to scrutiny. Most nanny agencies usually have refund policies, but it is the terms which are ambiguous. There are those which will never refund the cost but will offer to replace placements that are unsuccessful. Whatever policy you come across, ensure that you compare it with those of other nanny agencies and try to understand them well. Also, never accept one which is not in writing. As for the fees, logic demands that you opt for the fair ones.

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