Seattle rapper SIC ILL makes music video in baby section of Walmart.

Now this is something different. When it comes to todays rap music videos many hip-hop musicians go for luxury cars and video models to show their audience. This unrealistic example of living has strayed far from it’s humble roots which had Run DMC and N.W.A. fighting against drugs and violence in the late 80s and early 90s. In today’s world websites such as & let almost anyone with a small budget promote to hundred of thousands of hip-hop listeners/viewers everyday. A particular artist from Seattle steps in a different direction than the mainstream by making his self-directed music video in the baby section of a Walmart. There are no special effects and the only thing missing is the in-store security officers.

SIC_ILL__Official_Brand_Avatar_Logo__SuperSize_SicThe actual production of this youtube video is great and you can tell he knows his videography. It starts off with SIC ILL (he says he prefers his name spelled in all caps) walking pass a performing-arts theater mural of cartoon people then it switches to show you strollers and baby food. The song title is “Royal Baby” and he makes many mentions about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s newborn. Here’s a lyric.

“Premature birth, my life aint certain/
Lookin’ undead as movies directed by Tim Burton/”

and another…

“I’m here, got the little diaper underwear/
I’m on my crap with a laptop on the chair/”

Did we mention we think SIC ILL is an excellent lyricist too. Besides ‘Royal Baby’ SIC ILL has hundred of other videos and another one we would suggest is Aladdin – The Music Video.

We can’t seem to find any curse words or obscenity going on here, this rapper for the most part keeps it rated PG. Watch SIC ILL’s music video – “Royal Baby” on YouTube today!

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SIC ILL – Royal Baby –

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