A Baby Shower in October

A baby shower in October brings spooky possibilities in terms of a Baby Shower, The Halloween Baby Shower theme is super fun to plan! This baby shower should have the fall favorite basics like warm colors and fall leaves, mommy and baby ghosts, or the words New Mummy all over the place How about an invitation that says This Mummy would like you to come celebrate!

A Halloween Baby Shower theme should have food based on the holiday season, like pumpkin pie, pomegranate salad, or if you really want to make it spooky, how about some lady finger pastries? Some great halloween candy that you can consider to have are gummy worms, candy corn, and orange and dark brown m&ms. Nowadays, there are plenty of spooky candies even when it’s not October! Like vampire teeth, gummy eyeballs and gummy spiders.

You can make your Halloween baby shower theme as a costume party, to make it extra fun. Some great costume ideas for the new mom can be to dress up as a mummy, as a kangaroo mommy or as the bride of Frankenstein! This would be a great opportunity for daddy to dress up like Frankenstein. Visit www.NewBabyDiaperCakes.com for great baby shower gift ideas!

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