How Kids Can Become Famous (And Pay For College)

You may or may have not known it, but acting is a great way for kid’s to start saving their money towards college and if the money is invested properly their entire college education can be paid off, but at the very minimum they will at least be able to earn enough to pay for room and board.

So how do you get your child started?

The best case scenerio is that your child aces an audition for the disney channel, but know ahead of time that Disney is a very competitive television network and there are literally thousands of kid’s auditioning for the same roles.

So what’s the best route? – Starting off small.

The truth of the matter is that only a small percentage of child actors make it to the big leagues and become household names like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, A.K.A. Michelle on Full House.

However, there are millions of acting opportunities for kid’s that while they may not be for huge television networks or household name television shows, they do pay a pretty penny.

I’m talking about things like commercials, movie extras, smaller roles in big films, etc. Think about how many kids you see in your favorite televisoin shows and movies. Now think about how many of them actually have a major role like Macaulay Culin in Home Alone.

Most of the kid’s in movies and television shows are playing a small role, but they are earning big bucks, big bucks that will help them pay for college.

My advice to you is to start applying to small role acting jobs. You can find these types of jobs on Craigslist. I would also recommend taking some low cost acting classes and even taking part in school films and theater projects like plays and musics.

The more experience your child has, the more acting jobs they will be able to land.

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