A different kind of entertainment for your child

There’s something flat and very one-dimensional about entertainment in electronic form be it television or a video game. This seems to be a prescribed modern ideal of entertainment served up as a one size fits all approach. It’s hypnotic state fails to flourish the emotions that traditional forms of entertainment once did so remarkably well. This is especially true for children. It’s a terrible shame that the arts have taken second stage to the digital monster.


I am a children’s entertainer performing magic comedy and puppetry to children (see my site at ozzywizzpop.com). I see many children laugh with tears rolling down their face and experience amazement and wonderment from magic tricks that they cannot possibly decipher the inner workings of. A plethora of positive emotions eludes from these children during the performance that makes it all that little bit extra special. I certainly do not claim to be the greatest of entertainers with a show far superior to my peers. My show and it’s theatrical principles more than likely loosely resemble other acts in my field. I reason as a spokesman for my industry of children’s entertainers.

I’d like to use a recent trip to the theatre I had with the children as practical thesis to add further weight to my argument. Most days the children are found slouched on the sofa catching up on their favourite shows and in one day in particular I took it upon myself to gauge the emotional reactions to a particular viewed show. The fifteen minute broadcast managed to bring about a few gentle chuckles and that’s about it. Not exactly an emotionally all encompassing piece of theatrical brilliance


I’m certainly not advising you to rush to the nearest rubbish tip and dispense of your television set. I purpose that you nourish your children’s genuine thirst for authentic entertainment with the richly rewarding live arts scene. Take them to circus, take them to see a magician and let their imaginations run wild!


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